The Call 2015

The Call

Sibongiseni is an emotionally isolated taxi driver. He treats all who come into his presence with hostility and aloofness, keeping his connection with others as economical as possible, in every sense. When Purity, the prostitute whose services he regularly patronises, tells him that she is pregnant and points out that the child is likely to be his, Sibongiseni agrees to pay for the abortion. However as the prospect of the termination grows nearer, Sibongiseni finds himself conflicted. Can he save the child that could be potentially his, Has he earned the right to make that ultimate bond when he knows nothing of connecting and living for anyone but himself, And can he learn to start changing or is it too late for him,

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28 февраля 2015г
(была 4 года, 6 месяцев, 20 дней назад)
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